• I'm on my second bottle and it's bliss.
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The facial oil that finally ended my search


Oil was actually one of the last things I brought into my skin care routine, but after getting a gua sha tool and a gemstone roller like a Good Basic Girl, I began the search. And I tried. A lot. Cult brands, clean brands, expensive brands. I read best of beauty lists. I tried top rated products. And I didn’t like anything. I couldn’t find anything with the right feel or the right smell (I’m always looking for little to no fragrance, but unscented oils can also…have a weird scent?)

I found Jordan Samuel Skin after a last ditch effort: I googled ‘light facial oil for sensitive skin”. I had tried everything already, so why not order a reasonably priced product from a brand I’d never heard of? What’s one more?

1) light and absorbs nicely
2) Not thick and greasy
3) Fragrance free-ish … it has a *light* scent

Trust me when I say: I look forward to putting this on. I use it after showers, in the morning after I wipe with my Croon (just water), or when I want to roll out puffiness and facia.